A labor of love for two designer/engineers that are a generation apart in age, the Newton Espresso represents the best of old school and new school. Named with a nod to the engineering and principles that underpin the machine, the idea itself was simple: design and craft a minimalistic, personal espresso machine that produces barista quality espresso consistently.

Photography: Newton Espresso


Designing the Newton as non-electric makes it very portable and robust. There is basically no maintenance or cleaning required, and there are no pumps or internal parts or connections to cause problems or become faulty.

The lever-press operation also means the Newton is silent to use - great for making coffee at any hour of the morning or night without waking the house.

8 - 10 Bar Pressure

The high quality seals, piston design and leverage system consistently provides the user with the ability to generate high water pressure required to produce espresso coffee. The pressure can be controlled in a variety of ways - the force applied to the handle, the quantity of coffee used in the basket, the tamping pressure, and the coarseness of the grind. These variables gives the user complete control over the extraction process and allows for a very customizable result.

Wall Mountable

In fact, they believed bench space was so valuable that they placed mounting holes to mount the Newton to the wall. Not only is the Newton 100% functional when wall mounted, it can also be easily lifted down in a second to suit any coffee crafters preference.

Durable Finish

The wooden base, handle and tamp have been finished with a two-part acid catalyzed lacquer - used for bench tops to provide an easily cleaned, stain resistant and hard wearing surface. The other components (except the stainless steel removable coffee basket) have been machined from aluminum - the stand with a powder coated finish and the cylinder with an anodized, food safe finish.

Small Footprint

The Newton takes up very little bench space. The small physical footprint also allows for portability. The Newton can easily be packed into a bag or box to take to the snow lodge, in the caravan or even camping.